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How do I upgrade from free to paid user?

  1. On the AdNeon homepage, click on the level plan assistance on the left and click Join Now.
  2. Confirm the selected tier and click on the selected tier to join now.
  3. Fill in contact details.
  4. After confirming the filled-in info and selected plan, click OK.
  5. Please wait a few days after receiving the email application for the tier plan revision.
  6. A confirmation letter will be sent a few days later and the plan will be changed successfully.

Why can't I join other workspace?

When the workspace is a free plan, users can only join one free plan workspace.

Browsers supported by AdNeon

  • Mobile
    • Android default browser (android 5 and above)
    • Chrome Browser
    • iOS safari(iOS 13+)
  • Desktop
    • Google Chrome (Stable version 78 and above)
    • FireFox (Stable version 68,70 and above)
    • Microsoft Edge

Video conversion function

  1. Click “Convert Video” on the left.
  2. Click “Video File” to upload the video you want to convert.
  3. After the file has been converted successfully, click the link below to download.

AdNeon Debug Tool Tutorial

AdNeon’s Debug Tool allows users to conduct a preliminary check before delivering an ad to verify if the ad is called normally or whether an error occurs.

💡AdNeon’s debug tool is currently only available on Chrome.

⚠️Results are based on actual delivery.⚠️

How to Install The Debug Tool:
  1. Download the zip file and unzip it.

    Zip file:AdNeon debug tool.zip

  2. Open Chrome’s browser and go to extensions: chrome://extensions/

  3. Click “Load unpacked” on the upper left corner.
    Untitled 1

  4. Select the AdNeon Debug Tool folder.
    Untitled 1 1
  5. Click the Extension icon located on the right side of the address bar, then click on the pushpin icon to pin the debug tool. The debug tool’s icon will appear next to the Extension icon on the Chrome bar.
    Untitled 2
  6. The debug tool will automatically detect the creative’s information and display it within the extension when accessing a website with AdNeon creative ads.
    Untitled 3

The tool consists of: Creative Information, Detect Ad Unit, Contact The Developer (can be changed from the upper tab)

Creative Information

Displays the name and ID of the creative, as well as existing errors in the ad(if any).
Untitled 3

  • When the ad malfunctions has an error: The image below is an example of a creative’s image which has not been loaded successfully, thus displaying relevant information such as error code, error message etc.
    Untitled 4
Detect Ad Unit

Enter the Specified ID or Ad unit code (either one) of the creative to verify if the ad space appears on the webpage.
Untitled 5

  • ID:

    Enter the complete div id of the ad space’s code in GAM into the “Specified id” of the tool

    1. Locate the div id of the tag in GAM’s ad unit.
      Untitled 6
    2. Enter the complete div id then click “Detect” to verify if the ad space appears on the webpage.
      Untitled 7
  • Ad unit code:

    Enter the GAM ad space’s code into the extension’s Ad unit code

    1. Locate the creative’s ad space code in GAM.
      Untitled 8
    2. Enter the Code, then click Detect to verify if the ad space exists on the webpage.
      Untitled 9
Contact The Developer

To report a problem, email the screenshots of “Creative Information” and “Ad Space Detection” to [email protected]

Untitled 10

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