Evolve Your Inventories with High Impact Ads

AdNeon makes it easy for you to create stunning and wildly effective impact ads with our Next Gen Creative Management Platform.

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Rich Media Advertising Platform

Give Advertisers What They Need To Get Results

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Rich Media Advertising Platform

Beautiful, Interactive, and
Impactful Layouts

AdNeon offers multiple
ready-to-go high impact ad layouts which will stun your customers
Full-screen visuals
Gamified interactions
Engaging video advertising

Rich Media Advertising Platform

Ads That Really Perform: 5% CTR

Our ads offer market-leading effectiveness for both awareness and conversions. Top ads layouts have CTR of 5% and Engagement Rates of 20%.

Rich Media Advertising Platform

60+ Layout Options,
Continuous Updates

We give you over
60 ad layout options
with new formats every season.

Meet Advertisers' Needs with AdNeon's Layouts

Layout's Unique Feature

Interstitial Layout

After the user enters the page, the ads will automatically cover the page’s content. Interstitial ads’ have a greater CTR or video playback rate compared to other layouts, and are the perfect layout choice for performance-based marketing campaigns while complying with Better Ads standards.

Layout's Unique Feature

In-read Layout

When a user reads an article, an ads can appear in between the text. Although in-read ads are not as visible as other types of ads, the users who click are the targeted audiences who are genuinely interested in the product or service advertised in the ad, which leads to a higher chance of conversion.

Layout's Unique Feature

Innovative Layout

Innovative layouts has the characteristics of high CTR. It attracts users’ attention with animation and vivid effects, and trigger them to interact with the ad at first sight.
Through combining the engaging animation and interactive effects such as “Launch Banner + Interstitial Banner ” and “Footer Banner + Interstitial Banner,” our formats not only make ads more creative and adaptable but also let users have deep impressions and interact with ads.

AdNeon's Features

Rich Media Advertising Platform

No Coding Required

Everything is easy to use and manage.

Rich Media Advertising Platform

Highly Interoperable

AdNeon supports most common delivery systems (including GAM and DV360) and 3rd party tracking tools(including DCM, Sizmek, and IAS).

Rich Media Advertising Platform

Create Rich Media Ads in 30 Seconds

Just upload your copy and content to almost instantly
create market-leading high-impact ads.

Rich Media Advertising Platform

Compliance with Better Ads Standard

No need to worry that your ads will be blocked by browsers,
all layouts follow the standards set by the Coalition for
Better Ads (CBA).


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