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How to check and download reports

  1. Click “Performance Report” on the left.
  2. At the top, you can filter by date, layout size, layout and material
  3. After setting the filter criteria, click “Send Enquiry”.
  4. The results will be displayed below (you can choose to sort by date, creative, layout size, layout), click “Export to CSV” to download the report.

The definition of Creative and Asset in the report

  • Creative: An ad generated by an ADN Ad Tag.
  • Asset: A creative may be composed of multiple resources, including: video, picture, text.

The definition of terms found in the performance report


Note: Our exposure does not count the clicks from AdNeon’s Demo Gallery, only billed events.

Why is Progress - Start count (video views) less than Impression in the Video Ads report?

Impression is counted when the creative starts to load on a website, and Progress-Start is counted when the video starts to play its first frame. Once the creative begins to load, the video will take a moment to load, depending on the user’s network environment. When the network environment is not optimal, it is very likely for the user to close the ad before the video is successfully played, or when the ad is loaded. This will result in the value of Progress-Start to be less than Impression.

Why does the Progress-Start value differ the value of Visible in the Video Ads report?

  • Progress-Start: when the first frame of the video is played.
  • Visible: when more than 50% of the video appears within the viewable range of the browser for more than one second.
    These two values are not compatible.
    Generally, in the case of non-interstitial layouts, if a Visible’s value is more precise, it will be smaller than Progress- Start .
    However, when the video’s loading speed cannot keep up with the creative’s rendering speed, the creative’s video may appear first but will not play, then the Visible’s value will be greater than Progress-Start . This is more likely to appear in interstitial-heavy creatives, such as interstitial ads with interstitial locks turned on, mobile footers, and standard creatives placed on the first screen.

Why is the total UU count more than the daily UU count on some occassions?

The number of UU is actually an estimated value obtained by statistical methods, not an actual value calculated independently, and there will be a certain variance with the actual value. This variance will be more significant when the number is small (the variance is not large, but it will appear to be more significant).
Why use an estimate?
Because single calculation consumes a lot of resources and time, e.g. when there are thousands of people, it takes more than an hour to generate a report, which is not practical. Therefore, we standardized by using estimation method when calculating UU and the estimation method used by ADN is [HyperLogLog].

For "Interstitial Banner (Two Videos)", if both "Video - banner" and "Video - interstitial" are reached by Progress - Start, it will show the following in the report

  • Progress-Start of “Video-banner” and “Video-interstitial” +1 respectively
  • Material data will only + 2
  • The data of system admin will only get +2
  • Third-party tracking is also + 2

When does the video in the creative starts playing?

Apart from the Flying Carpet layout, videos in the creative created from other layouts will only start playing when the video appears on the screen for more than 1/2.
Because the Flying Carpet’s ad format is limited, video will only begin to play once the entire ad space has been filled. As a result, when more than half of the “entire ad” is visible, the video will begin to play.

The relation between ADN event and DFP data

The impressions of both ends are completely independent. Though there will be some interdependency between clicks, but basically the click events on both ends will remain autonomous.
The process of click is as follows:
  1. Take adtag, the clickUrl format within the adtag is: dfp macro + landing page (ex: %%CLICK_URL%%http://tenmax.io ).
  2. When delivering via dfp, the dfp macro will be replaced with the actual dfp record click URL (ex: replaced with http://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/pcs/click?…&adurl=http://tenmax .io).
  3. When displayed on the user end, the adcode will place the clickurl within the ad template.
  4. User clicks
    • head to the website where the actual dfp click is recorded, allowing dfp to record the click.
    • The user sends a click event to ADN, and ADN records the click.
  5. The DFP click record URL will be redirected to the landing page.

The definition of creative entering viewport

The viewable browser range by the ad space’s user.
  • To prevent an existing creative in the browser range from appearing within the user’s view under certain conditions, the entire ad space can be made to display none/block to avoid the viewport related event being delivered accidentally.
  • Avoid using visibility hidden/visible to hide existing creatives in the ad space within the browser. When using visibility hidden/visible to hide the ADN creative, the viewport-related event will still be delivered when the ad space appears within the browser, even if the creative itself is not within the user’s view.

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