Mobile Footer Layouts Compilation

AdNeon aims to provide a user-friendly operating platform and product experience. For this reason, we launched the “Mobile Footer Expand” version on October 2021 , which is the integrated version of “Mobile Footer – Image + Image” and “Mobile Footer – Video + Image”, as well as adding two parameters “Only Images” and “Only Videos”, so that images and videos can be used more vividly in the mobile footer layout.

At that time, this integrated layout will directly replace “Mobile Footer – Image + Image” and “Mobile Footer – Video + Image”, and the creatives created previously from these two layouts will not be editable and ad tag delivery will not be available, but past performance reports are still downloadable. If you have any doubts about this update, it is recommended that you create a back up file or create a new version of the creative!


Flying Carpet Fade Out Tutorial

Three Flying Carpet layouts will no longer be available on AdNeon from December 27, 2023 (Wed), including: Flying Carpet – Image Flying Carpet – Vertical

AdNeon Fade Out Layouts Tutorial

AdNeon will fade out ten layouts on April 3rd, 2023 GMT+0800 which are “Rolling Cube_Image”,  “Vertical Rolling Cube”, “Medium Rectangle_Video”, “Medium Rectangle_Image”, “Mobile Interstitial_Image”, “Mobile

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