Chrome’s parameter settings for Google Better Ads

After research, we realize that AdNeon’s creative cannot be detected by CBA in iOS’s Chrome browser (remark 2 for details), so it will be “unaffected by CBA”(the yellow bottom section in the table). Please refer to the table below for CBA restrictions.

ChromeX → O
in-appNo occurrenceNo occurrence

O means CBA is not affected

The affected AdNeon layouts are interstitial cover and some mobile footer, please refer to the table below. 

Layout TypesLayoutsAffected Options
Interactive Interstitial Image• Mobile Footer_Scratcher_Interstitial、Mobile Footer_Spin_Interstitial Combo
• Mobile Footer_Banner Scratcher Interstitial、Mobile Footer_Banner Scratcher Interstitial Video、Mobile Footer_Banner Scratcher Interstitial Combo
• Mobile Footer_Spin_Interstitial Image、Mobile Footer_Spin_Interstitial Combo
• Mobile Footer_Hide and seek_Interstitial Image、Mobile Footer_Hide and seek_Interstitial Video、Mobile Footer_Hide and seek_Interstitial Combo
• Mobile Footer_Wheel Ad Interstitial、Mobile Footer_Wheel Ad Interstitial Combo
Interstitial Image Display Timing
Interstitial Cover• Mobile Interstitial_Page to Page
• Mobile Interstitial_Page to Page_video
Interstitial Image Display Timing
Interstitial Banner• Interstitial Leaderboard_Two Images
• Interstitial Leaderboard_Two Videos
• Interstitial Leaderboard_Video
Interstitial Image Display Timing
Mobile Footer• Mobile Footer_Two Image_Weather
• Mobile bottom expanding
• Mobile Footer_Card Gallery
• Footer banner is hidden after the main ad is displayed
• Height percentage only applies to Chrome
• Video display timing (mobile footer – 3D card ONLY)

Remark 1: With reference to the CBA restrictions, we have researched that the layout can be rendered differently on Chrome and non-Chrome browsers (such as shrinking, or changing to an interstitial cover) to reduce the impact of CBA on media revenue. These are called “Chrome parameters”.
Remark 2: Blink is a branch developed by Google Chromium from webkit, which is mainly used for Chrome core on Android (Ref.1) and Chrome’s Coalition for Better Ads inspection is tied to Blink (source code as follows Ref.2). But Chrome for iOS still uses the kernel of Apple Safari webkit (platform restriction), so it is not possible to perform a CBA inspection on Chrome in iOS.




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